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Barn Folklore: The Bran Mash
Many feeding regimes in barns today are still based on traditional methods and old time myths. The bran mash is no exception as there are as many opinions on why one should feed a mash that could fill a whole book. Whatever the reason for feeding a mash, most people believe they are doing there equine friends a favour, but are you really? NO

Reproduction Strategy
At Deerpath Breeding and Development our strategy is to employ an intensive program that ensures that every mare is bred at the best opportunity during the breeding season, and if she does not become pregnant, to return her as quickly as possible to another breeding. We also work with mare owners to better understand their goals and guide them through the best options for their mare.

 The Importance of Foal Milk Replacer
When the topic of milk replacer comes up we think of its use for orphaned foals in traumatic situations where replacing milk is of the utmost urgency. While this remains a valid reason, milk replacers have been becoming more useful and prominent with breeders today.


 Making Sure your Foal is getting enough Nutrition
Caring for a newborn foal is a very demanding job; it is like having a new baby in the house and just like most moms new mares need a little help to keep their foal healthy. 

 Setting up a Breeding Program
The old saying of “Fail to plan, plan to Fail” has merit when it comes to breeding horses. So many people, who dream of having a lovely foal run about, forget that without having a plan of action or goals set for your mare then your dream of having a foal maybe ruined.

 Young Studs
A rambunctious colt to a skillful stallion is what we envision when we see a young colt play and have fun, but how do you turn that ball of hormones into a tall, proud, majestic stallion. Controlled enthusiasm is what I would call it; getting your stud to behave like a stallion naturally in a controlled setting with mutual respect.

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  • Reproductions Strategies
  • Stallion Management
  • The Myth of the bran mash


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