Stallion Management

Our strategy is to employ an intensive program that ensures that your stallion and investment is used in a most safe and efficient manner.

Cost Estimates

There are many costs associated with Stallion Management. Please contact us so that we may tailor a plan for your needs.

Stallion Management

It is our mission to work with you, the stallion owner, so that you and your stallion achieve your breeding objectives. It is our goal to keep your stallion content with respect to stabling, management, breeding, turnout and feeding. When we have done this then the potential and efficiency of your stallion is much greater.

We know that every stallion is different and has their own unique needs, and that is why we manage each stallion differently in order for them to achieve their full potential. With young or mature stallions, we take the time to get to know your stallion so that managing them is less difficult for both the stallion and the breeding team.

Breeding and Health Records

To achieve success, it is important for us to maintain accurate breeding and health records on your stallion. These records allow us to detect potential problems in the stallion's performance and allow us to adjust our management practices.

Through proper feeding, preventative health care and sound breeding practices, most stallions will have greater success in their breeding.

Collection Services

Both natural cover and artificial collection is practiced at Deerpath. We use the Hannover A.V. for artificial collections. Our lab is on the premises and allows for quick evaluation and processing of the fresh semen, using up-to-date methods.


Personalized Service

As all stallions are different, we endeavour to give personalized service so that your stallion is successful. Please let us know if there is any service we can help you with.

Professionalism is not a luxury, it's a necessity.

Our number one priority is our clients results.